How do Weld Gas Analysers (Purge Monitors) Work?

The Ar-Gone Weld Gas Analyser lets you purge the right amount every time - no over purging which wastes expensive Argon gas, or under purging which allows oxidised weld roots which don't pass weld testing standards or procedures.

It lets fabricators get more welding done by saving time on  jobs which increases efficiency and profitability.

Importantly, it is easy to use.

Ar-Gone-2The Ar-Gone Weld Gas Analyzer (also known as a Purge Monitor) is used to accurately measure and monitor oxygen levels before and during TIG Welding.

The system consists of an Electronic Sensor Unit with a digital display, a 2 metre long rubber tube with a stainless steel probe and a rubber vacuum bulb. Also included are the Ar-gone unit operating instructions and calibration and test certificates for both the analyser and oxygen sensor.  Replacement sensors and spares are readily available.

The Ar-Gone probe can be connected directly to the purging system via the purging system exhaust port. The stainless steel probe can also be inserted through the weld gap.

By eliminating the guesswork of 'what is the correct amount of time to purge?', the Ar-Gone purge monitor ensures safer and more efficient TIG welding.

  • Measures oxygen in the vicinity of the weld down to 0.01% or 100 ppm (parts per million). Fast response to oxygen levels while purging.
  • Provides continuous oxygen level readings - Warns welders to stop welding if air gets into the weld chamber.
  • Identifies when it is safe to start welding - when oxygen levels are down to a certain level then welding can start
  • Promotes safer, more efficient welding and better looking welds.
  • Reduces purging time by reducing the amount of purging gas needed.
  • Eliminates weld defects caused by incomplete purging such as oxidation and worming
  • Allows welders to increase production rates - complete more welds in a certain time

It also saves on argon gas consumption since welders may purge longer than is actually required.

It is important that the Weld Gas Analyzer is continually used during welding to monitor the weld purge oxygen level. It will quickly signal if any oxygen is drawn into the pipe volume that is being shielded with inert gas (Argon). Typically, welders purging pipes with gaps between the pipe end bevels, will tape up the gap prior to welding when they purge. When fabricators begin to remove the tape and the flow of purge gas is too low, argon will escape from the purge allowing atmospheric gases such as oxygen through the weld gap. The Ar-Gone Weld Gas Analyser will save the weld root by warning the fabricator if the oxygen levels rise to be unacceptable.

We recommend the use of inflatable pipe purging dams when welding schedule pipework and all other kinds of cylindrical vessels. These inflatable pipe purging dams work really well with the Weld Gas Analyser and used together they will help to eliminate all oxidised weld roots in stainless steel and other exotic metals such as Titanium.

Weldwide Inflatable Purge Systems

purge_dam_23are an efficient and economical TIG welding purge dam solution. These purge systems can be easily placed into pipes and inflated with Argon gas through the connecting hose. Once inflated, the purge dams create a safe, airtight seal. The Inflatable purge dams are also equipped with a pressure valve that releases the Argon gas when the pipe has been dammed to purge the weld chamber of the pipe. Requiring a minimal amount of gas to seal pipes compared to purging the whole pipe, inflatable weld purge systems reduce the cost of gas and labour.

  • Strong stitching on dam bags, resistant to tearing on burrs or nicks
  • Fire and scorch resistant from hot metal.
  • Reinforced pull loops to easily pull the purge system out of the pipe when welding is finished
  • Durable metal connections and internal fittings. The connecting hose is armoured by stainless metal braiding.
  • The welder can adjust the purging gas pressure against the weld root to get the desired weld profile on the inside bore of the pipe.
  • Made in the United Kingdom to International ISO standards.

We are New Zealand agents for the Weldwide Solutions range of Pipe Purging Equipment. The range includes Purge Monitors or Gas Analysers, purge dams, pipe stopping, pipe aligners and tungsten electrode grinders.

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